Work At Home

Job Description

Your Future Begins Here! We are seeking to hire an organized and experienced trainer to join our Team. Candidate should be able to deliver a training development plan complete with materials, tutorials, instructions and learning resources such as online modules and guides. Our ideal candidate will be a confident public speaker and a devoted educator who is up to date on the latest tools and resources needed to improve employee training and performance. The trainer will also be responsible for researching and selecting the best platform to deliver and utilize training materials.


Day to Day Stuff 

  • Successfully complete client Trainer Certification¬†
  • Develop a schedule to assess training needs¬†
  • Deliver and facilitate classroom instruction ensuring new and existing employees can perform required job duties
  • Demonstrates effective communication, presentation, questioning, conflict¬†resolution, and employee management skills
  • Lead, inspire and provide positive and constructive coaching and feedback to¬†¬†earners
  • Ability to prioritize workload, complete reporting/administrative tasks during¬†¬†learner‚Äôs self-paced exercises and meet deadlines
  • Focuses instruction on agent behaviors that ensure customer satisfaction,¬†contractual metric compliance, and increased revenue for the company
  • Administer effective evaluation and testing techniques to assess trainee¬†performance
  • Conduct employee surveys and interviews¬†
  • Maintain a database of all training materials¬†
  • Review employee performance and learning¬†

Basic Qualifications

Do you have these 

  • 2-years Training experience¬†

  • 2-years Leadership experience minimum ¬†

Preferred Qualifications

As our ideal candidate, you have.... 

  • ¬†Project management skills with the ability to supervise multiple projects ¬†

  • Good interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management¬†

  • Organized and able to create multiple timelines, budgets, and schedules ¬†

  • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently¬†

  • Excellent leadership, team building, and management skills¬†

  • Encouraging team and staff; able to mentor and lead¬†

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills¬†