The Future of Work.

Bhive is purpose-built for high performance. So of course it’s got accountability, process optimization, and KPI leaderboards to turbocharge your results. But the cornerstones of any motivated team are connection and trust, and they’re what’s missing from other virtual solutions. Bhive mimics an open office environment so employees can visually engage with each other to build community and culture. The trust that’s created from managers seeing their employees at work – and their employees seeing them too, gives a Bhive work community a special advantage. And now … your work community is unstoppable.

Work together like you never left the office.

Being able to see teammates working side-by-side throughout the day makes remote feel less distant, enhances collaboration, and facilitates effective communication. Employees are more connected, aware, and engaged in a dynamic virtual workplace like Bhive.


Streaming Team Video
About Me Profiles
Pulse Surveys + Alerts
KPI Leaderboards + Gamification
Time Tracking
Home Internet Speed Monitoring
On-Demand Screen Viewing
Home Office Compliance

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