Some things you just can’t automate.

Healthcare is complicated. And delicate. It takes a skilled person to address healthcare inquiries because they touch on two of the most sensitive aspects of our lives: health and finances. Healthcare has its own nomenclature that can be hard to understand, navigate, and explain. Our experts have the right touch to connect and empathize with the person on the phone.

Our company started with healthcare and our associates know the plans and processes better than anyone. We are HITRUST certified, and our people are caring, and ready to serve your clients.


Turn to BroadPath for help with mission-critical services.

Member + Provider Services

Providers and consumers of healthcare want their interactions with health plans to be as efficient as possible. Delivering on their expectations requires having the right number of people with the right experience and training. That’s why so many health plans turn to BroadPath for help with member and provider services.

Whether it’s answering member questions about eligibility and copays or working with providers on claim status, BroadPath ensures complex problems can be solved accurately with the empathy needed to achieve member satisfaction.

Health Plans

BroadPath serves payers in every major health plan category.

Individual + Family Plans

Your customers need experienced help navigating the complicated plans and available subsidies. Our experienced teams have the training to help customers understand their options.

Our unique work from home model means you can get the specialized agents you need to efficiently handle seasonal ebbs and flows of call volume.

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