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January 31, 2023 by BroadPath

Don Hubman Named BroadPath CEO; Daron Robertson Moves to Chairman Role

TUCSON, Jan 31st, 2023—BroadPath announced this month that company founder Daron Robertson has transitioned from his role as CEO of the global business process outsourcing firm (BPO). Effective January 1st, Robertson assumed the position of Chairman and will be working closely with BroadPath’s Advisory Board to provide ongoing counsel and oversight to the company’s leadership team. He will also continue to maintain leadership of BroadPath’s proprietary remote-work platform, Bhive. Don Hubman, BroadPath’s COO for 8 years, was named Daron’s successor as CEO and will assume overall management of the company.

Hubman joined Robertson soon after BroadPath was incorporated in 2008. BroadPath began as a fully work-from-home BPO focused on addressing challenges associated with the highly regulated insurance side of healthcare. It has since become widely recognized as a best-in-class remote-work service provider with thousands of employees working from home offices in 50 states and 4 countries.

The company found a niche differentiation in handling large-scale unforeseen surges by leveraging its remote-centric recruiting and operations model. “This was long before work from home was cool,” Hubman said, “and it was hard to convince prospective clients that the model could be superior to brick and mortar when well developed.” Success soon spoke for itself, however, propelled by the development of Bhive, BroadPath’s innovative virtual workplace platform that recreates an open office environment while addressing the common remote challenges of connectivity, accountability, and security.

“I am humbled to be given the privilege of leading the company Daron and I built together and look forward to continuing our journey of excellence and service,” Hubman said. He plans on continuing Robertson’s constant drive for innovation while taking the company to another level both operationally and strategically. Reflecting on BroadPath’s journey, Robertson said, “We’ve had the privilege to work with an expanding roster of hardworking, resourceful, and dedicated people who collectively brought us to where we are today. I feel a deep sense of pride in all we have accomplished together and have every confidence Don and the leadership team will chart an exciting new course as BroadPath heads into its next phase.”