Site Manager (aka HIVE Colony Architect)

Tucson, AZ

Job Description

The Mission: Think about how different our world has become over the past 2 years. We’re approaching our working lives now with a fresh perspective and a sense of new possibilities: trying out new careers, working from home, even moving to new cities. The global environment is dynamic and rapidly evolving but one thing is clear: the future of work is happening now. Despite this tectonic shift (fancy words for “huge change”) not all people have gained ground. For example, what about the folks living in rural communities, where low-wage work in fast food and retail are still the main options? They have been mostly overlooked during this sea tide of change.


This is where we come in...

“We create opportunities for people to challenge themselves and grow; wherever they live and wherever they are professionally”.

It’s one of our core values and something we take seriously.

In service of this value, this year we launched a new program called HIVE. Our HIVE mission is to bring great jobs to great people in great communities. So no matter where people live, we give them access to top employers offering excellent pay and benefits and a lifetime of career advancement potential. Think working for Tesla from your farmhouse in Dixon, Illinois (just an example, don’t get too excited).

OK that sounds great, but this is a job posting. Why should I care? You should care if….

  • You like the idea of helping revitalize communities by bringing in amazing new career opportunities
  • You relish the idea of putting your unique personal stamp on something that has never been done before.
  • You're energized by having your hands in a lot of different pots and stirring them up at the same time.
  • You're not afraid of a new challenge and trying something you have no idea how to do (yet).
  • People are your thing. You like building relationships and creating a team that will go do amazing things together.

The Day to Day

We can promise your days won’t be dull, that’s for certain. Essentially you will be responsible for four primary workstreams, with your focus shifting seasonally with the ebb and flow of our business model:

  • Talent Acquisition: Initially, your focus will be around talent acquisition. At each of our facilities we need to find, audition, and hire 75-100 great people who fit the profile of what we are looking for. You’ll have the help of your HIVE Nest Manager and the expertise of our nationwide Talent Acquisition team during this phase, just to make your job a little easier.
  • Training Support: After the worker bees have been hired, we need to get them trained and leveled-up to tackle the job they’re being groomed for. We have a whole department of certified trainers who will take point, you and the team just need to help them get that done. Easier than herding cats, we promise.
  • Employee Engagement and Connection: We’ve built the Hive, attracted the bees, and trained them how to succeed. Life is looking good and now we need to make some honey so those bees stick around. This is the fun stuff: happy hour, bowling night, furry friends day, volunteer events….heck we even host stress management workshops. Success is employees becoming good friends.
  • Community Outreach: We establish deep relationships within our local communities to cultivate broad awareness and support. You’ll join the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club and other local charters and attend (and sometimes host) their meetings. You’ll sign up for the street parade and help create our HIVE float. You’ll setup a booth at the Sweet Corn Festival and local job fair. You’re the local face of our HIVE.

Basic Qualifications

What We’re Looking For...

Still here? You brave soul.

As you might imagine we need someone who fires on a lot of cylinders. Quick on their feet, forward thinking, relatively fearless, a proven team leader, great communicator, tenacious as a bulldog, highly organized, and above all human-centered and a solid relationship builder.

That said, we don’t care about your specific background, education level, certifications, or fancy titles. Maybe you have a retail management background. Maybe you’re a former educator. Perhaps you tried your hand as an entrepreneur and are looking for the next challenge to sink your teeth into. You could come from a variety of life experiences that have all conspired to make you a perfect fit for this job, right now. If that’s the case, we want to hear from you!

Preferred Qualifications

  • Health Insurance License